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before the

plate comes

the plan

Behind every image Brad takes, there’s meticulous planning. Hours of strategy. Intensive creative preparation.

While some may skip this step, Brad relishes every moment, knowing that doing the hard work before shoot day makes everything else a piece of cake.


a recipe for sucess

Brad is not a one-man show. He’s supported by a team of stylists, specialists, and editors—all invested in the marketing objective. Whether the end result is for an editorial spread, menu, or trade show, Brad’s team works closely and collaboratively, never losing sight of the client’s ultimate creative needs.


delivering in a flash.

Since the hard work’s already been done, and since everyone knows their role on set, the shoot is the easiest part of the process. Setup is quick. The shoot runs smoothly. And chaos never ensues. Because of this, Brad hands off creative assets quickly—efficient and on budget.

Let's create something great.

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You have marketing objectives. Brad helps you accomplish them in beautiful, strategic, on-brand ways.